the program does not load playable character models, help.

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the program does not load playable character models, help.

Post by MojoJojo » Fri Feb 16, 2018 2:12 am

i play in the MoP expansion, so i use the latest MoP version. but when program load the models, it does not load specifically the playable character models:
21:50:37: MPQ files do not appear to be corrupted.
21:50:37: Loaded Content TOC: v5.04.00
21:50:37: Compatible Mists of Pandaria Version Found.
21:50:37: Loaded Content Version: 18273
21:50:37: Initializing File Controls...
21:50:40: Warning: Failed to load user skins
21:50:40: Initializing Databases...
21:50:52: Trying to open enGB\items.csv file (for updating locale files)
21:51:02: Trying to get ...
21:51:12: SUCCESS
21:51:12: Trying to get ...
21:51:12: SUCCESS
21:51:16: Error: Could not open the SpellVisualEffects DB.
21:51:16: Finished initiating database files.
21:52:17: Loading model: Character\Bloodelf\female\bloodelffemale.m2, size: 3828272

21:52:17: Error: Invalid model! May be corrupted.
21:52:17: Error: Failed to load the model - Character\Bloodelf\female\bloodelffemale.m2
i don't know how to fix that, but i think the problem could be the data language. i see the program only works with enUS data language, while my MoP Folder has enGB data language. is this the problem, or another?

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