Uninstall deletes everything

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Uninstall deletes everything

Post by laurence » Wed May 09, 2018 5:36 pm

Hi! I'm really sorry if this isn't the place to ask this but I like to stay positive, so I figure I can at least try. :D

After it died once again, I reinstalled WMV but something screwed up and it didn't create a subfolder in my Big folder but rather scattered its files in the Big folder itself. I didn't realize this and proceeded to reinstall it again, which ended in a success (in the sense that it created a subfolder) buuuut the Fool that I am, I hit uninstall on the first installation which, instead of deleting only its own files, deleted every single item in my Big folder. :D :D

Now, I call it the Big folder for a reason: everything I have is there. From original drawings, to character references, WoWhead links, WMV files, and screenshots, to a video viewing program and movies. Some of those had backups, most of them didn't. I don't suppose there's.... any way for me to get those back, right? :D Considering they weren't "deleted" in the regular sense but rather removed with/by the program's uninstall itself.

Any tips or should I just cry for a while then try to move on and recreate what was most important? :D

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