[Requests] Three things that would make a lot of peoples lives simpler

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[Requests] Three things that would make a lot of peoples lives simpler

Post by minichris » Mon Jul 02, 2018 10:10 pm

Hi WoW Model Viewer devs,

Firstly, I love wowmodelviewer and have used it for many years, thank you for maintaining it for so long. There are three features I think it lacks however. The first, being able to keep the models scale, rotation and location while switching models. This I could see as being implemented as a checkbox, which just prevents it being set back to normal, or as defaults in a tab in the settings dialogue. The second feature is a little more complex, being able to manually select NPC only items to apply to models, for example, NPC only tabards. There are tricks you can do to get these, such as loading an NPC that already has it and changing all the other items to the ones you want, but this is finicky and time consuming. The third and final feature I would appreciate you adding is the ability to switch base model while keeping all the armour on, if the model can take this armour. This could again be added as a checkbox.

Thank you for your time


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