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Patch 8.1 (Public Test Realm) support will be coming. It looks like there may be even more changes to the database structure, but Blizzard aren't done yet (hence the reason the game client is broken!) so we can't support any changes regarding that yet.

The good news is WMV renders most models fine without it, with just a few modifications to your WMV folder. However with 8.1 you may notice some weird text with anything that uses strings from the game database, like lists of NPCs and mounts.

To get your client to work with 8.1 (until a new version of WMV is released):

- go to your WMV application folder

- open the 'games' folder and then the 'wow' folder.

- copy the folder named '8.0' and name the new copy 8.1

- to be able to see most of the new models you also need to get an updated listfile:

- go to

- click the green download button -> Download ZIP

- when it's finished downloading, just take the file called listfile.txt, ignore the rest

- use the new listfile.txt to replace the old one in that 8.1 folder you created

- now, once you start WMV and point it to the PTR, it should show most of the new stuff

- IT WON'T SHOW: the new Dreadwake mount or pirate parrot pet, because those require special encryption keys. Those keys exist and will be included in the next build of WMV but they need to be built into WMV - you can't just add them to a file somewhere :(

Posted : 24/09/2018 2:27 pm
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