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New beta version available  

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Hi all,

after a few time with no news from me, here is a new beta version, with a few things done, both on user side and internal side to prepare next major releases.

Version is available, as usaully, here : (under beta section)

What's new ?

- You can now import items into wowmodelviewer from both armory and wowhead (any stuff should be available, and I hope any stuff from next version, when available through wowhead links, will be)

- All this new stuff is now embed into plugins => no more linked to core version, meaning that it can be updated separately : this will also allow me to plug exporters on the same plugin model.

- Logs have been reworked, allowing to merge logs from core software and plugins

- A new update manager (minimal one, Qt based) now handles version checking for core software and plugins, allowing me, in the future, to easily diffuse new version (ie : a new exporter will not requier anymore to upgrade core version)

A forum is opened to allow you to post your feedbacks :

Hope you will enjoy, and sorry for the delay and silence.

Please use JIRA (same account credentials than forum) to enter bugs !
If you like this software, feel free to donate : EURO or USD. Thanks !

Posted : 23/02/2014 3:24
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