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Easy way to load a non Official WoW Installation!  

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I've seen a couple of people with this problem here in the forums, including me, so I made this short "tutorial" This also should fix two errors on loading: Couldn't find any locale in your WoW folder and Error2

It is actually pretty simple and requires only a few simple steps! You can also use this trick to load an Official version if you only have the data folder.

Copy the from your live WoW to the Installation you want to load and open it with the text editor of your choice.

Locate three important files in the WoW folder you want to load. They are located here: dataconfig . In my case, the folders/files are:




(If it's a fresh installation you only should have three folders. If not, try the three newest ones!)

These files corespond to three hex keys (I assume they are hex keys) in the

Change the keys in the, again in my case:

0dcd27adeb73b039302160d07f6c3402 to 3b0517b51edbe0b96f6ac5ea7eaaed38

5d4f7b77e88d1326f7fa9661c47d0614 to 64807bbe25e10b94729dd8d709a56d4e

7b0a274098b14855fc34911a0bd748b9 to e36a8e77a07a33b6e3ec3ef980575cc5

Last, change the version number: 8.0.1.xxxxx to (change to whatever version of WoW you want to load)

I've tested it with a 7.3.5 private server and a legit PTR 7.3.2 Build where I only had the data folder.

Reason why I did all that: Since the Bnet Launcher has overwritten parts of my 7.3.5 backup (It defaults back to this folder for some reason) I had to get back a working 7.3.5 Installation to further work on animations. Even more important, I deleted the 3D model of a legion armor set I'm currently working on for my cosplay and since the models of the legion armor sets are broken in the current version, I needed a working 7.3.5 really badly! Also I apologize for my grammar, I'm from Austria :D

Posted : 18/10/2018 5:21
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