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The new website looks really nice. It's beautiful and clean!

But I've noticed that almost nobody who was using the old forum has logged in since the change. I'm worried that people were confused by the account merge, and how to go about it. I admit that I had trouble working out the process, and I already had a Jira account.

Firstly, I'd suggest having a simple "Log In" link on the pages, with a person icon. "Connexion/Account" sounds odd in English, and the spelling "connexion" is rare and looks more like it's the name of a product.

Second, I found I was confused by what I had to do. Unfortunately I can't go back and check the process now, but I think it needs to be plainer and more direct - a simple "We need to reset your account password and we'll create a Jira account for you at the same time, so you can report issues on our Jira page." with a form for resetting the password on the first page and not on a followup page in Jira. Don't make users have to read and memorize a long process that sounds foreign to a non-IT person, do most of it for them.  I could be remembering some of the process wrong, sorry, but I remember it wasn't immediately obvious.

Actually, even now if I go to "Connexion/Account" it gives me a long description on what to do to merge accounts , even though I've already done that. I would expect it to take me to my account preferences. The board preferences seem to be set to French (So I see things like "Articles Recents") and I can't seem to change that.


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Posted : 23/12/2018 5:08
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It appears wpForo is being used, which means the locale settings would most likely need to be changed in Wordpress itself.

It's been a while since I've used wpForo, so I can't remember the exact steps used.

Posted : 28/12/2018 10:37
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