WMV Closes When I C...

WMV Closes When I Click Yes On "Would You Like To Load World Of Warcraft Now"  

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First time user, trying to use these to make some stream overlays, but when I install i go into options and select the data folder inside my world of warcraft folder. Then I reset it like it says to do after I apply the changes, then when it opens I get a message that says "Would you like to laod world of warcraft now" and I hit yet, the program just closes, no crash or error message of any kind.  I tried the newest 3 versions all with the same error, also closed my background app to make sure that wasn't the problem either. I have the latest version of BFA installed, could it be because I have classic installed also? I noticed it doesn't have its own data folder.

Posted : 13/08/2019 8:00
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