Hou can I get or ex...
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Hou can I get or export the shader information by WMV?  

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I export fbx&obj files with texture files and try to import them into unity3d, but I found it loses some shader information when creating materials likes shader type(all the types are standard in unity3d by default). But in WMV, the model is rendered perfectly, I wonder that how does MWV know the shader of model and if the wow's shader doesn't match unity's one to one, is there any possibility to find the mapping rule between them, at least I can set the shader type in unity3d manually. 

ps: does .mtl file contain those information?

best regards.

Posted : 23/04/2019 5:44
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Hi Yongkan!

I am in the same boat in exporting from WoW to Unity. Unfortunatly, how WMV deals with shaders is that it (basically) reads them from the WoW data directly. This data is incompatible with Unity, because Unity has it's own shader languages and quirks, which is incompatible with most of the shaders in WoW.

Your best bet would be to find, or make, a shader that is how you want the models to look. Sorry I can be of more help.

Posted : 04/05/2019 12:59
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