WMV version:
0.9.0 rc2
is now out !

We bring you the long-awaited update of our software which as shown on the right brings with it support for the game client version 8.2. But first of all, we would like to thank several people who helped us and without whom this update would not have taken place:

– Wowhead’s team
– Martin Benjamins (@Marlamin)
– Ladislav Zezula
– Wayne Woods

◈ Support for version 8.2

Bug fixed

[WMV-420] ◈ Nightborne models doesn't display head items/helmets
[WMV-427] ◈ Import characters issue
[WMV-428] ◈ Animation frame slider update issues when switching animations
[WMV-429] ◈ Get racial fallback item display info from chrRaces database
[WMV-431] ◈ Bad Armory Link - Import character
[WMV-432] ◈ Not showing Demon Hunter's horns and blindfolds
[WMV-438] ◈ Random skin selection always on
[WMV-441] ◈ Items are not displayed correclty in 8.2


[WMV-430] ◈ Get bare foot display info from chrRaces.db2
[WMV-437] ◈ Implement CASC / file handling changes for 8.2+