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New version and changes!

Good evening, Many of you have requested it and the download page for older and newer versions of the software is back! By clicking on the button on the top of the site of WMV. And besides tonight finally released version 0.9.0 beta12 of the software, which fixes most of the bugs and problems you may currently encounter, just after this discord tag, an email will be sent to you all about this new version.

Welcome to the new Wow Model Viewer website!

Welcome to the new Wow Model Viewer community site! Consider this your new home for all the latest happenings in and around this software. You’ll want to check out this news feed regularly, we’ll use it to share the software, community highlights, and much more. Because the site is still new and pieces are still under construction, you’re bound to come across a hiccup or two. If you would like to report an error with