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WoW Model Viewer is a tool used by Machinima Artists to view and capture model and character animation from World of Warcraft. As an open-source project, we encourage the development of features that may be useful to current or future artists. Register on our Forum to discuss machinima, wowmodelviewer, development or just have a friendly conversation.

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Wow model viewer 0.7.x

The version 0.7.x of WoW Model Viewer works with World of Warcraft : Mist of Pandaria

Wow model viewer 0.8.x

The version 0.8.x of WoW Model Viewer works with World of Warcraft : Warlords of Draenor

Wow model viewer 0.9.x

The version 0.9.x of WoW Model Viewer works with World of Warcraft : Battle for Azeroth and Legion this is the official version of the software

Wow model viewer 0.10.x

⚠️The version 0.10.x of WoW Model Viewer works with World of Warcraft : Shadowlands, but it’s in early stage : use it at your own risks !⚠️


all versions of WMV are just below!
operating system Version Date Log Link
Windows 31 Dec 2021 9.2 support (Thanks to Natnat) WMV_Installer_v0.10.0.801.exe
Windows 3 July 2021 Fixed bugs
  • WMV-578: fix show hair & show facial hair options
  • WMV-583: scars & facial paints support
Windows 27 June 2021 Fixed bugs
  • WMV-587: fix chr files support to save / load characters
Windows 27 January 2021 Fixed bugs
  • Updated TACT keys, listfile and Casclib to the latest version
  • Added missing animation names to AnimationData.csv
  • Increased the max width of the File list to allow it to show full file names
Windows 11 January 2021 Complete changelog Brings back Demon hunter support Mechagnome support Fixed bugs
  • [WMV-557] – Underwear Bug and Skin Dresses
  • [WMV-559] – Cannot import characters from French servers with an accent in their name
  • [WMV-566] – Night Elf Missing features.
  • [WMV-567] – Can’t Remove Underwear
  • [WMV-569] – Character Customization Menu too big
  • [WMV-577] – Impossibilité de retirer les sous-vêtement
  • [WMV-581] – Pandaren Underwear Bug
  • [WMV-3503] – Underwear Showing through Armor/Unhideable (v0.10.0.755)
  • [WMV-3504] – Item categories are wrong
  • [WMV-3505] – FBX and OBJ export are Yup instead of Zup following overall coordinate system change
  • [WMV-3507] – Screenshots are blank
Windows 30 December 2020 Add version check / massive opengl rework – camera fully rewritten WMV_Installer_v0.10.0.755.exe
Windows 16 November 2020 First version supporting almost all characters customization WMV_Installer_v0.9.0.735.exe
Windows 7 November 2020 First version supporting characters customization WMV_Installer_v0.9.0.734.exe
Windows 4 November 2020 First version supporting Shadowlands WMV_Installer_v0.9.0.732.exe
operating system Version Date Log Link
Windows 4 April 2020 WoW Model Viewer changelog WMV_Installer_v0.9.0.680.exe
Windows 0.9.0.rc3a_unoffical 29 July 2019 This version contain no changelog WMV_Installer_v090rc3a_unofficial.exe
Windows 0.9.0.rc3 29 July 2019 Wow Model Viewer 0.9.0 rc3 changelog WMV_Installer_v090rc3.exe
Windows 0.9.0.rc2 03 May 2019 Wow Model Viewer 0.9.0 rc2 changelog WMV_Installer_v090rc2.exe
Windows 0.9.0.rc1 22 Dec 2018 Wow Model Viewer 0.9.0 rc1 changelog WMV_Installer_v090rc1.exe
Windows 0.9.0.beta12 9 Dec 2018 This version contain no changelog WMV_Installer_v090beta12
Windows 0.9.0.beta11 7 Oct 2018 Battle for Azeroth update – fix bug introduced in previous release – first PTR (8.1) support Follow up on forum : WMV_Installer_v090beta11
Windows 0.9.0.beta10 5 Oct 2018 Battle for Azeroth update Follow up on forum : WMV_Installer_v090beta10
Windows 0.9.0.beta9 8 July 2018 First version supporting Battle for Azeroth beta Follow up on forum : WMV_Installer_v090beta9
Windows 0.9.0.beta8 23 Feb. 2018 Fix item support. First Battle for Azeroth support Follow up on forum : WMV_Installer_v090beta8
Windows 0.9.0.beta7 20 Feb. 2018 Bring back 7.3.5 support Follow up on forum : WMV_Installer_v090beta7
Windows 0.9.0.beta6 7 Dec. 2017 Fix several issues, WIP animation support for lightforged draenei, more 7.3.5 files support Follow up on forum : WMV_Installer_v090beta6
Windows 0.9.0.beta5 12 Nov. 2017 Fix issue with shoulder items. Better creature geoset display rules (thanks to Wain) Follow up on forum : WMV_Installer_v090beta5
Windows 0.9.0.beta4 5 Nov. 2017 Handle back draenei (and light forged draenei) – new Blizzard format Follow up on forum : WMV_Installer_v090beta4
Windows 0.9.0.beta3 28 Oct. 2017 Third beta release. Fix crashes when opening models. Fix creature display. Fix crash when swithcing off demon hunter mode Follow up on forum : WMV_Installer_v090beta3
Windows 0.9.0.beta2 22 Oct. 2017 Second beta release. More items supported, better merge support, better file reading Follow up on forum : WMV_Installer_v090beta2
Windows 0.9.0.beta1 7 Oct. 2017 First beta version (feature freeze). First version managing new items with geosets Follow up on forum : WMV_Installer_v090beta1
Windows 0.9.0.alpha18 17 Sep. 2017 Fix crash on several models. More 7.3 data available Follow up on forum : WMV_Installer_v090alpha18
Windows 0.9.0.alpha17 3 Sep. 2017 Fix various crashing. Chunked files reading support. Bring back most of EmoteX animation. Fix show underwear option Follow up on forum : WMV_Installer_v090alpha17
Windows 0.9.0.alpha16 24 Aug. 2017 Bring back custom file support. Fix 7.3 loading. Bring back Item set loading. Memory leak fixes. Add memory consumption info in status bar. Various improvement & refactoring Follow up on forum : WMV_Installer_v090alpha16
Windows 0.9.0.alpha15 18 july 2017 Fix obj & FBX export. Revert change done on particle system Follow up on forum : WMV_Installer_v090alpha15
Windows 0.9.0.alpha14 15 july 2017 Better Demon Hunter support, fix characters opening in 7.3 Follow up on forum : WMV_Installer_v090alpha14
Windows 0.9.0.alpha13 9 july 2017 Fix crash on loading for 7.2.x, allow opening of 7.3 versions Follow up on forum : WMV_Installer_v090alpha13
Windows 0.9.0.alpha12 24 june 2017 Demon hunters customization full support, new URL armory import support, particles support improvement Follow up on forum : WMV_Installer_v090alpha12
Windows 0.9.0.alpha11 12 may 2017 First version supporting Demon Hunters, fix custom files support Follow up on forum : WMV_Installer_v090alpha11
Windows 0.9.0.alpha10 8 may 2017 First version supporting Demon Hunters, fix custom files support Follow up on forum : WMV_Installer_v090alpha10
Windows 0.9.0.alpha9 7 april 2017 7.2 support / bring back mounts / fix inverted shoulders Follow up on forum : WMV_Installer_v090alpha9
Windows 0.9.0.alpha8 16 march 2017 Update to be compatible with latest PTR build Follow up on forum : WMV_Installer_v090alpha8
Windows 0.9.0.alpha7 14 march 2017 Update to be compatible with latest PTR build Follow up on forum : WMV_Installer_v090alpha7
Windows 0.9.0.alpha6 14 feb. 2017 Add capability to load 7.2 wow Follow up on forum : WMV_Installer_v090alpha6
Windows 0.9.0.alpha5 12 dec. 2016 Various bugfixes for items, fix guild tabards impor from armory, big refactoring in character customization spins (prep for dh introduction) Follow up on forum : WMV_Installer_v090alpha5
Windows 0.9.0.alpha4 25 nov. 2016 Bugfixes related to item support, fix wowhead import for NPC, fix Naga & Vrykul display Follow up on forum : WMV_Installer_v090alpha4
Windows 0.9.0.alpha3 24 nov. 2016 Improve item display based on sex & race, fix elves’ hands, revert camera control to old one Follow up on forum : WMV_Installer_v090alpha3
Windows 0.9.0.alpha1 4 oct. 2016 First release supporting Legion Follow up on forum : WMV_Installer_v090alpha1

Stable releases – compatible only with Warlords Of Draenor

Windows0.8.58 march 2016WMV_Installer_v085
Windows XP0.8.58 march 2016WMV_Installer_v085xp

↓ (deprecated – no longer supported / maintained) ↓

operating systemVersionDateLink
Windows0.8.420 feb. 2016WMV_Installer_v084
Windows0.8.33 jan. 2016WMV_Installer_v083
Windows0.8.1First reintroduction of custom file supportWMV_Installer_v081
Windows0.8.0First Warlord of Dreanor released versionWMV_Installer_v080

↓ (deprecated – no longer supported / maintained) ↓

operating systemVersionDateLink
Windows0.7.0.6Last Mist of Pandaria released versionWMV_Installer_v0706.exe
Windows 32bits0.7.0.5Last working FBX exportWoWModelViewer_7.0.5.rar
Windows 64bits0.7.0.4March 2012WMV_Installer_v0704_Win64.msi