Most frequent questions and answers

Folder containing game data requires an exclusive access in order to be read. Thus, you can not use WoW Model Viewer if WoW Model Viewer and/or application is running.

Error 2 and Error 3 usually means that your game data folder is already in use. To solve it, you can try this (in order, go to next one only if current does not work)

  1. Computer restart (sometimes it seems that background blizzard process still running and stuck game folder)
  2. Performing a wow repair from client, even if WoW is perfectly running
  3. Removing and fully reinstalling WoW

If error is still here after trying all these steps, feel free to ask for help in forum

First of all, keep calm 🙂
First thing you should do is checking if your bug is not already in list of known problems
If yes, please be patient, I cannot treat them all at the same time.
If no, go to the support forum, create a new topic, explain your problem, and provide logs form the application, this will help me to understand / reproduce your issue.

You will find in this page all new features introduced in software.
For full release note, you can see this page:

For latest version download, check this page : Download WoW Model Viewer

Import any NPC from URL (new in v0.7.0.6)

This feature uses wowhead page from any NPC to collect required datas to display it in WowModelViewer, see this example below :
I wan to display “Skeer the bloodseeker”, here is the result in WowModelViewer :

Unfortunatelly, there is no answser. Let’s click on “Import from URL”, you will see this dialog:

You just need a wowhead URL to fill it, so let’s go on your browser, and search for your wanted NPC (skeer the bloodseeker in our case) :

Copy paste URL in previous dialog ( for this NPC), then click import, you will see this :

You now just have to click “Display”, and that’s it, Skeer the Bloodseeker is displayed on your viewer (smile)

Any already searched NPC will also stay available in NPC search list until you close your Viewer ;

Starting from version 0.8.1, WoW Model Viewer allows you to mix local files stored in you hard drive, together with game files contained in WoW data folder.
This can be useful if you want to use a custom texture for a given creature for instance.
For instance, I will explain how to use a custom texture for creature “Abyssaloutland”.
To use this functionality, you need to create a folder on your computer, and mimic game folder structure.
In the following example, my root folder for my custom items will be “d:custom_dir”
I simply created a folder “Abyssaloutland” under my root folder, and put in it my custom blp file called “CustomTexture.blp”.
You should have something similar to this image

Now, start WoW Model Viewer, and go to “Options > Settings…” menu
Fill needed information as shown below. Conflict policy is helpful if you want to replace ingame textures, if a file with the same name is already present in game folder, you can chose to keep original file or use your custom one instead.

Restart WoW Model Viewer to take this change into account, you can now use your custom texture as any other ingame file.
blp file is available in the file list:
Texture is available in skin drop down list

If you select it, it is applied to loaded creature, as any regular texture

WoW Model Viewer 0.7.x → World of Warcraft Mist of Pandaria

WoW Model Viewer 0.8.x → World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor

WoW Model Viewer 0.9.x → World of Warcraft Legion + World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth