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Welcome to the “Connexion/Login” page until everyone can retrieve their account we will use a connection method other than the usual one of the site.
Now your account for the website, the forum and Jira are all linked together ! it’s better than having an account for each of one.

here are the steps to follow to recover your account and log in :

    1. Click on the following link to go to the connexion page of Jira : Connexion page
    2. When you are on the webpage, click on “Can’t access your account?
    3. The website will propose you two options : Password and Username.
    4. Select Password and enter your Username from the old forum of WMV.
    5. If you don’t remember what was your username from the old forum of WMV, you can select Username instead of Password and enter the email you have used to create your old WMV forum account.
    6. After that click on Send.
    7. A reset password link will be send to your email.
    8. Follow the instructions and reset your password.

All right, you can now use your account to log in to the forum, the site (soon) and Jira !