Stable releases – compatible only with Warlords Of Draenor

Windows 0.8.5 8 march 2016 WMV_Installer_v085
Windows XP 0.8.5 8 march 2016 WMV_Installer_v085xp
Linux N/A N/A N/A
Mac OS N/A N/A N/A


Release candidates


Unstable releases (beta)

Windows 0.9.0.beta11 7 Oct 2018 Battle for Azeroth update – fix bug introduced in previous release – first PTR (8.1) support
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Windows 0.9.0.beta10 5 Oct 2018 Battle for Azeroth update
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Windows 0.9.0.beta9 8 July 2018 First version supporting Battle for Azeroth beta
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Windows 0.9.0.beta8 23 Feb. 2018 Fix item support. First Battle for Azeroth support
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Windows 0.9.0.beta7 20 Feb. 2018 Bring back 7.3.5 support
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Windows 0.9.0.beta6 7 Dec. 2017 Fix several issues, WIP animation support for lightforged draenei, more 7.3.5 files support
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Windows 0.9.0.beta5 12 Nov. 2017 Fix issue with shoulder items. Better creature geoset display rules (thanks to Wain)
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Windows 0.9.0.beta4 5 Nov. 2017 Handle back draenei (and light forged draenei) – new Blizzard format
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Windows 0.9.0.beta3 28 Oct. 2017 Third beta release. Fix crashes when opening models. Fix creature display. Fix crash when swithcing off demon hunter mode
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Windows 0.9.0.beta2 22 Oct. 2017 Second beta release. More items supported, better merge support, better file reading
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Windows 0.9.0.beta1 7 Oct. 2017 First beta version (feature freeze). First version managing new items with geosets
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Early access releases (really unstable – alpha) – compatible with Legion

Windows 0.9.0.alpha18 17 Sep. 2017 Fix crash on several models. More 7.3 data available
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Windows 0.9.0.alpha17 3 Sep. 2017 Fix various crashing. Chunked files reading support. Bring back most of EmoteX animation. Fix show underwear option
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Windows 0.9.0.alpha16 24 Aug. 2017 Bring back custom file support. Fix 7.3 loading. Bring back Item set loading. Memory leak fixes. Add memory consumption info in status bar. Various improvement & refactoring
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Windows 0.9.0.alpha15 18 july 2017 Fix obj & FBX export. Revert change done on particle system
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Windows 0.9.0.alpha14 15 july 2017 Better Demon Hunter support, fix characters opening in 7.3
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Windows 0.9.0.alpha13 9 july 2017 Fix crash on loading for 7.2.x, allow opening of 7.3 versions
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Windows 0.9.0.alpha12 24 june 2017 Demon hunters customization full support, new URL armory import support, particles support improvement
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Windows 0.9.0.alpha11 12 may 2017 First version supporting Demon Hunters, fix custom files support
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Windows 0.9.0.alpha10 8 may 2017 First version supporting Demon Hunters, fix custom files support
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Windows 0.9.0.alpha9 7 april 2017 7.2 support / bring back mounts / fix inverted shoulders
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Windows 0.9.0.alpha8 16 march 2017 Update to be compatible with latest PTR build
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Windows 0.9.0.alpha7 14 march 2017 Update to be compatible with latest PTR build
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Windows 0.9.0.alpha6 14 feb. 2017 Add capability to load 7.2 wow
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Windows 0.9.0.alpha5 12 dec. 2016 Various bugfixes for items, fix guild tabards impor from armory, big refactoring in character customization spins (prep for dh introduction)
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Windows 0.9.0.alpha4 25 nov. 2016 Bugfixes related to item support, fix wowhead import for NPC, fix Naga & Vrykul display
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Windows 0.9.0.alpha3 24 nov. 2016 Improve item display based on sex & race, fix elves’ hands, revert camera control to old one
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Windows 0.9.0.alpha2 23 nov. 2016 First release supporting new database access
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Windows 0.9.0.alpha1 4 oct. 2016 First release supporting Legion
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Old releases

(deprecated – no longer supported / maintained)

Windows 0.8.4 20 feb. 2016 WMV_Installer_v084
Windows 0.8.3 3 jan. 2016 WMV_Installer_v083
Windows 0.8.1 First reintroduction of custom file support WMV_Installer_v081
Windows 0.8.0 First Warlord of Dreanor released version WMV_Installer_v080
Windows Last Mist of Pandaria released version WMV_Installer_v0706
Windows 32bits Last working FBX export WoWModelViewer_7.0.5.rar
Windows 64bits March 2012 WMV_Installer_v0704_Win64.msi
Mac OS October 2011